Fufillment Estimate: 2-3 Days

Celestial Deskmat Dark Updates

Hello Everyone,

We've received feedback on the Celestial Dark deskmats by customers in Asia who've received their deskmats and we've noticed that the colors are not accurate to the renders. After further consideration, we will be re-manufacturing ONLY CELESTIAL DARK DESKMATS (Light is not affected). As we strive to give our customers the best color matching possible and quality (Given the limitations of production and dye-sub technology), we have chosen to re-produce the mats instead of sending the current deskmats out and offering partial refunds. This will extend the wait by about one to two months, depending on region but additional work is being made to ensure that the new order will be correct and made promptly.

As to why this occurred, the issue happened near the end of GB as I encountered issues with spacing and the design print placement. Due to the spacing problems possible color issues were overlooked. To ensure all future and current mats are up to standard, I've purchased an Xrite passport to help with accurate sample photography along with lighting that will help all future color matching processes. In addition to purchasing new equipment, we're in the process of expanding our team which will give us more time and more eyes to oversee launches.

Current Timeline:

  • Additional Sampling (1-2 Weeks: In progress)
  • Sample photography (Will be posted on discord)
  • Production (1 Month: Materials are ready and have been paid)
  • Shipping (Varies by Location)

Thanks for everyone's patience as we work through this hiccup in production. Inaccurate Celestial Dark mats will be sold as B-Stock/Version 2 in the future since the design is correct and the color has a slight different tone (Pink bronze/gold).

Pictures to come. Trying to figure out how to use this color checker correctly.

UPDATE 7/17/2021:

Celestial Deskmat Dark are now on the way to each vendor. The current estimate for arrival to us is 1-2 months (Shipped on the 5th of July) below are the samples. We have through 6 samples with the factory (not including initial), take pictures to survey to the vendors and sent them to the designer for confirmation.

Pictures of the final sample taken indoors under a LED shop light using an iPhone. This picture is the closest to physical colors and the closest we've gotten to a metallic gold colour.

Thanks everyone for their patience, this has been one heck of a project. The design itself being rendered in a metallic colour has been quite challenging to recreate in a physical dye sub ink format.