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General Questions:

  • When will X product be in stock?
    • At the moment, all our lubes and switch tuning products are stocked year round. For the latest information on product availability check out our Discord here.

    Shipping Questions:

      • Where are you located?
        • Our office is located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. 
      • When will you ship my packages?
        • Packages will be shipped out within 2-3 days, as our team consists of one person we may have backlogs during peak times (GB Arrival, large product launches etc). During peak times (Cyber Monday, Christmas Season and Black Friday) our processing times are extended to 4-7 depending on the volume (Please refer to our discord or homepage)
      • Can I pickup locally?
        • Yes! We just started offering curbside pickup on Fridays 11AM to 5PM EST
      • Why doesn't my tracking number work?
        • Tracking numbers need to be scanned on the day of pickup before it activates. Since we pre-print labels to increase workflow efficiency, you may receive tracking numbers that won't work.