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Updated 9/17/2021

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In-Stock Order Status: 5-7 Business Day Processing


Product Status Info (Updated Date)
ePBT Skadi Awaiting Production Second Samples Being Made (8/23/2021)
KAT Monochrome In Production ETA Q4 2021 (5/5/2021)
SA Biso Shipping Now (9/17/2021)
SA Jadeite In Production ETA Q3 2021 (5/5/2021)
ePBT Samurai In Production ETA Fall (6/23/2021)
GMK Mr Sleeves R2 In Production ETA Q4 2021/Q1 2022 (5/5/2021)
Geekark Triangles In Production ETA Q3/Q4 2021 Color Samples Being Checked(7/18/2021)
JTK Tripleshot Griseann/RA In Production ETA TBD (7/26/2021)
SA 8010 In Production ETA Q2 2022 (5/5/2021)
GMK Gregory In Production ETA Q4 2021 (5/5/2021)
GMK WoB Shinethrough In Production ETA Q1/Q2 2022 (5/5/2021)
GMK Baltic In Production ETA Q1 2021 (6/17/2021)
ePBT Kuro Shiro In Queue For Production



Product Status Info
Celestial Deskmats Partially Shipped Delay Regarding Dark Version, Replacements Arrived (9/16/2021)
Dogethink Shipped to Us ETA Fall (7/27/2021)
Waves Deskmat In Production ETA Fall (7/27/2021)
Foliage Shipped to Us ETA Fall (7/27/2021)
Senkai Deskmats Arrived at Apex ETA September Shipping
Keebpixel Deskmats Shipped to Apex ETA Fall (7/27/2021)


Product Status Info
Angel 65% In Production ETA Q1 2022 (5/5/2021)
Nemui 65% In Production ETA Q1 2022 (5/5/2021)
Hidari-1800 FRL Order Placed ETA Q4 2021 (5/5/2021)

Other Products:

Product Status Info
Hiney PCBS Ordering ETA Fall, Pre-Orders will be up soon.
Marshmallows & Konpeitou In Production ETA Fall 2021 (7/21/2021)