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Kage Update

Kage Update

Thanks for everyone’s patience with the Kage group buy. We are updating everyone on the status of the group buy. Due to the large amount of Tomo’s that we had to QC and process for in-stock, we had delayed the logistics and final delivery of the Kage’s by a month (Originally due for January). 

This was done to ensure we have enough floor space and resources to handle the Kage shipment. Since Tomo's are now ready to be sold in-stock and all ready we will be finalizing logistics and delivery. We are arranging to have the Kage shipped out to us on Feb 11th. Shipping will take roughly 3-4 weeks and QC should take 2 weeks as the shipment is 10% of the Tomo shipment. We are aiming for final shipping in March. We would like to apologize for this delay and will provide an update once we receive the tracking number for the shipment.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email if you have any questions!

- Apex Team

Update (2/21/2023): Keyboards have been shipped to us. (1 Month ETA)