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[B-Stock] ƒ 2️⃣ - K Ę Ÿ 🅱️ 🅾️ 🅰️ ®️ D

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Introducing the popular F2 keyboard from Geon Works! Coming in two color variants


  • Gasket O-Ring or Plateless
  • Typing Angle of 9 Degrees
  • Un-Built Weight of 3.2kg
  • Includes Hineybush h87nu with Daughterboard
  • Includes Silver/Black Feet
  • Exclusive F2 Carrying Case
  • Geon Fabric Cloth
  • Silver & Black
  • Anodized Top & Bottom Case
  • Inside & Outside Weights are Stainless Steel Chrome Plating
  • Plate is Aluminum (Plateless Kit Not Included)

B-Stock Specifications:

  • SS Weight corners may be uneven as it is handed polished
  • May have machine mark on underside corner of F2 top piece
  • May have small external blemishes on weight or case
  • May have anodization streaking

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