Hiney h87a 1.8 PCB

$51.00 USD
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Introducing the h87a PCB! We're happy to be working with Hineybush again to provide Canadians with the best TKL PCB out there right now. The h87a is a fully programmable PCB for custom a.87-layout tenkeyless (TKL) mechanical keyboards.



  • TKL PCB, programmable via QMK.
  • VIA support
  • MX + Alps footprints.
  • Standard ANSI and WKL bottom rows, ISO enter, short right and left shifts, 2u backspace.
  • Top-side Mini USB port
  • Uni-directional stabilizer mounts - SOUTH or NORTH mount spacebar stabilizer
  • RGB underglow
  • One-color in-switch LED
  • Powered by Atmega32U4 MCU
  • Physical reset switch is back! On the bottom side, by the spacebar.
  • In-switch indicator lights - connected via jumpers
  • Pins to solder a daughter board on (Moon TKL, for example)
  • JST SH connectors for USB daughterboards and RGB breakout
  • Fully soldered and pre-programmed with a basic TKL map out of the box
  • SPI pins
  • Breakaway USB port for cases that use USB daughterboards
  • 1.6mm Thickness with Red Glossy Finish
Compatibility Sheet


    1.  I CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT THIS PCB WILL FIT YOUR CASE, even if it is listed as "probable" by the spreadsheet linked above. If you have doubts, wait until someone else with your case tries this PCB.
    2. This PCB WILL NOT fit your: Coolermaster TKL, Varmilo TKL, WASD Code TKL, Ducky TKL, Leopold TKL, Corsair TKL, Logitech TKL, Razer TKL any other OEM TKL

    Find links to the VIA firmware files here: https://caniusevia.com/docs/download_firmware

    Github link for QMK https://github.com/hineybush/qmk_firmware/tree/master/keyboards/hineybush/h87a

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