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Krytox 205g0 Switch Lube

Krytox 205g0 Switch Lube

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Krytox 205g0 is a thick switch lubricant similar to the consistency of peanut butter that is great for any switch. Krytox 205g0 is not recommended to be used on switch springs because of the thickness.


  1. 5ml Vial of Krytox 205g0
  2. 1 Applicator per Vial
  3. Please store Krytox 205g0 upright and in a cool dry place. We have also upgraded our vials for all our lubes to scientific grade molded lid leak proof vials. 


      During shipping the lube might undergo intense temperatures like inside a hot car and the vials being tilted. If you receive the lube and there is a clear liquid, store it back upright and stir before use. It should not affect the overall properties of the lube.

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