Zeal Transparent Gold Plated Stabs V2

Zeal Transparent Gold Plated Stabs V2

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We're happy to bring Canadians and especially Ontarians, Zeal Stabs! These premium stabs are a great way to compliment builds with switches like H1 switches or Alpacas. They offer a quiet and smooth experience.

Zeal Stabs are by far the BEST option for stabilizers. Custom designed by Zeal PC, these "Cherry Style" PCB mounted screw in stabilizers are pre-clipped and very smooth. The stabs features gold plated components and a specifically made nut to prevent stripping of threads. Wires, nuts and screws are made with a smooth, dazzling gold plated finish.

Exerpt from ZealPC.net: Similar looking cloned stabilizers exist on the market. Please do not be fooled by the looks as they are not properly designed and not up to the same standards/QC as our own in house designed ones. We do not sell our Zeal stabilizers outside of Zealpc.net, Drop and ApexKeyboards.

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