Updated 5/12/2022
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Product Status Info (Updated Date)
ePBT Skadi Shipping To Customers  (5/2/2022)
KAT Monochrome Awaiting Production Waiting for Doubleshot Samples (2/28/2022)
ePBT Samurai Awaiting Shipping to Apex (5/2/2022)
GMK Mr Sleeves R2 In Production ETA Q2 2022 (2/28/2022)
Geekark Triangles QC At Apex

Shipping May (5/11/2022)

JTK Tripleshot Griseann/RA Awaiting Shipping (5/11/2022)
SA 8010 In Production ETA Q2 2022 (5/5/2021)
GMK Gregory In Production ETA Q2 2022 (2/23/2022)
GMK WoB Shinethrough In Production ETA Q2 2022 (2/28/2022)
GMK Baltic In Production ETA Q1 2021 (6/17/2021)
ePBT Kuro Shiro In Queue ETA  Q3 2022 (5/4/2022)
DCS 9009 Ordered
ePBT BoW Hangul Scheduled for Production ETA Q3 2022 (11/19/2021)
JTK Winner In Production ETA Q1 2022 (3/3/2022)
GMK Monochrome In Production ETA Q3 2022 (3/16/2022)
GMK UwU Macro In Queue ETA Q3 2022 (4/10/2022)
Product Status Info
N/A - -
Product Status Info
Angel 65% Shipping to Customers (5/11/2022)
Nemui 65% Shipping to Customers (5/11/2022)
Tomo - Monokei In Production ETA Late Q2/Early Q3 (5/11/2022)
Neko - Monokei
In Production
ETA Q3 2022
Kage - Monokei
In Production
ETA Q4 2022
Other Products:
Product Status Info
Marshmallow / A Linear Switch Awaiting Shipping ETA March (2/12/2022)
TX Bags Shipped to Apex

ETA May/June (5/2/2022) Delayed due to factory closures

TX Stabilizers  Partially Shipped to Apex ETA May (5/1/2022)