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KAT Monochrome

Sale price$37.00 USD

Introducing the Monochrome colourway in KAT Profile! This set features an esthetically pleasing black and white colourway with maximum compatibility for all your layout needs.



  • What white will this be?
    • WS2 - the exact same as I used for GMK Monochrome. I've asked for samples and you can check them in the "colors" section above.
  • Why should I buy Monochrome and not another of the BoW/WoB sets?
    • As I said, I plan on using a WS2 white and use the darkest black available. I will use the updated modifiers icons I used for Hyperfuse and plan on supporting as many layouts/languages as possible. Also, there is a moustache novelty, what else do you need?

KAT Monochrome
KAT Monochrome Sale price$37.00 USD