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TX Stabilizers (Rev. 3)

Sale price$18.00 USD

Introducing NEW TX Stabilizers!

Implementing a patented technology, kin25 of TX Keyboards has improved the design of Cherry clip-ins to minimize rattling and prevent wire pop-out (using stab stoppers included with the set). The patented design features a double shot stabilizer stem with a POM outside and TPU & POM mixture inside. This mixture helps to minimize wire rattle and bottom-out noise.


  • 4x 2u & 1x 6.25u/7u
  • Doubleshot Stem Mould (POM Outside/TPU & POM Inside)
  • WKL = 7u & WK = 6.25u
  • Rev 3 adds white color and 1.2mm size stabilizers
  • 1.2mm size stabilizers are intended for use with thinner PCBs
  • 1.6mm size stabilizers are intended for use with normal thickness PCBs